While the morning was still cool I took my seat at the computer and glanced up at the slice of sky visible above my work station. I was seated so I had a view of my Mother’s Day hanging Fuscia basket in full bloom. I was surprised to see the plant had early morning breakfast customers. The humming birds have discovered the bounty. The flashes of green make me think, maybe Annas. What a pleasant way to begin my day which promises to be very warm. I’m sure a neighbor’s feeder helps bring them in but I haven’t found a good place to put my feeder yet. It will happen as we adjust our new yard to our pleasure. Outside changes take longer than those we’re making inside although those haven’t been happening as quickly as they used to either.

Many of the birds that spent the spring close by seem to have moved on. We still have the occasional mallards come visit the yard, and I frequently see the Osprey circling high above our small lake but it’s warm enough our middays get very quiet. Some of our neighbors occasionally have family visit and spend some time in our park pool but most of the other activity is in the early morning or after we are out of the warmth of the direct sun. When we do our evening walk, we usually see more other people out doing the same than we’ve seen all day. The other reward to the evening exercise this summer has been frequent beautiful sunsets, some the prettiest I’ve ever seen with the whole sky changed to shades of pink.

In spite of having a few extra chores with a temporarily handicapped life partner, I did manage to get an essay ready for the Groundwater writer’s magazine by the August deadline and make some progress on the memoir I’ve begun. What hasn’t happened yet are the fun summer activities we usually squeeze in. All the other family members are also pretty much tied down by work, school, or health issues. Sometimes they are involved in an activity we aren’t interested in joining–often very athletic and involving large bodies of water. This may end up being a quiet month. Not a bad thing. I have some reading to catch up, four or five writing projects I want to work on, and some neglected housework that I try not to notice.

A good friend told me she and her mother had visited Portland last week and drove back on Highway 99 for the first time and would be going back to do more exploring of the towns along the route. I hope many others will do some first time exploring while our weather is ideal to see our beautiful state.

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