May Essay

After a peaceful winter followed by ice and windstorms that brought down trees, fences, and sometimes power lines, this month has been a flurry of picking up the pieces and repairing the damages. Sometimes just to have new problems added. The noise level has also picked up in most of the areas around us as fallen branches and sometimes whole trees are being cut up, the lawns are getting mowed again, the blowers out and in use to clean up winter’s debris. Ground is being prepared and new plants are replacing those of last year.

Some days the weather is mild enough for neighbors walking their dogs to stop awhile and chat. I’m even seeing some out walking or maybe riding their bikes who have returned from winter refuges on the desert.

Just as interesting is the influx of birds. Most I recognize but not all. We have an Osprey pair nesting nearby, our usual crows, Starlings, some still spotted with their winter fashions, an occasional pigeon, and some fast darters in large groups I’ve never seen before. One morning our front yard tree was a stop for Gold Finches, and I see a visiting humming bird at the feeder once in awhile.

The most fun are a pair of Mallards who are spending part of every day in our side yard. My neighbor has bird food and water out for them and they seem quite comfortable with both of us being around.

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