Rejuvenating the Spirit Entry for September 27, 2008

With a few days between events, we slipped off to visit Champoeg State Park located on the Willamette River south of Portland. This is the place our earliest settlers met and voted to form a government.

The combination of a beautiful camping spot in the early fall and a step back into the history of our state proved to be a stimulant to thoughts of all the reasons I'm grateful we live in Oregon. A peaceful place to sit and watch bluebirds in the the field, a bike path we shared with jackrabbits as we rode, and shaded nooks where we could sit to watch the activity on the river all eased me out of the stressful mode my life had taken the last few weeks.

We did drop by the Visitor Center to review some of the history I've not thought about for awhile and explore their selection of Oregon books. I found some old friends on the shelves, all of those written by Jane Kirkpatrick were there. Still, I have some other recommendations I'd make. I didn't find Bill Sullivan who makes it possible to learn Oregon on foot, or Joe Blakely as he brings snippets of Oregon History to life. I would certainly add those.

I came back mentally prepared to take part in celebrating Oregon's one hundred and fiftieth birthday and eager to tackle another writing project, right after I get the garden cleaned up for the winter.

2008-09-28 05:16:33 GMT
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