STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE Entry for April 04, 2008

Combining our still cold spring, a wait time for the acceptance of my newest manuscript and a desire to improve my skill in my craft, I followed a lead from the Women Writing The West list serve and sent for Between The Lines by Jessica Page Morrell.

Jessica Morrell isn't a stranger to me. I've taken workshops from her whenever I was able. I also read her newsletter, "The Writing Life" and follow her column in Willamette Writer.

Her insistence that we, as writers, work toward excellence always shatters my complacency at having finished a project. Knowing she expects the best, sends me back to try again. Getting better is a slow process. Not to be achieved in one sitting or one review of what I've called complete.

A big challenge and not to be rushed. In the introduction to Between The Lines, I've already found new ways to evaluate and improve the manuscript I called finished. This month, and this summer will be full of exciting new stretches.

2008-04-04 17:19:18 GMT
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