BIRD STORIES, Entry for March 04, 2008

Preparing to begin working with a group writing memoir, I tried to remember when my interest in birds began. I couldn't but I could remember what must have been my first bird adventure.

I was teaching in Springfield, Oregon and took my class of fifth grade children to Willamalane Park for a picnic- field day toward the end of the school year. We all trooped from the parking lot across the grass to the picnic tables and piled our sack lunches on the tables before we scattered to our softball game.

A few minutes later, one of the boys in the outfield began shouting and running toward the tables. A crow was struggling to get airborn with one of the lunches. An orange fell out and a small package of cookies but we had one boy with no sandwich. His classmates contributed so he did get fed but the crow showed up in many of the end of year stories the class wrote as their final assignment.

2008-03-04 16:43:54 GMT
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