ORGANIZATION ? Entry for January 03, 2008

When I walk into my dining room this week, I'm amazed I was able to serve Christmas dinner on my table not long ago. My table is the nearest I come to an office, covered with stacks of paper, end of the year journals and scribbled on calendars, another pile of Christmas letter I need to respond to, scrapbooks and materials to go in them, bills to pay and articles to read.

One of those articles, in the Costco magazine, is about a new book, A Perfect Mess:The Hidden Benefits of Disorder by Eric Abrahamson and David Freedman. The premise, according to the article, is that an obsession with neatness and order is a problem in this society. I agree entirely. The book has already helped me although I haven't bought it yet. I probably won't right away. It would just get put on the table--in the stack of books I plan to read.

Each of my stacks does have purpose so my first chore for the new year is to finish 3 or 4 projects and clean up their stacks so I'll have room for the tax papers and maybe, the new novel. Is that a resolution--I'd guess it better be.

2008-01-03 18:36:28 GMT
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