Art and Artist Fair, Entry for December 09, 2007

The Eugene Library's annual Author and Artist Fair was Saturday. A big event for me, my first time participating with many of my favorite authors. Having sixty five authors and artists to visit with, friends to greet and many browsers made the event fun.

I was able to sit next to Dorcas Smucker, a family life columnist for our Eugene Register Guard who shares her family with hundreds of fans on a monthly basis. Even her conversation is inspirational.

On the other side of me were Silvia Beltram and Frank Patten. Silvia is a gifted artist who works with Japanese kimono fabric to create pieces to display in homes and Frank makes the beautiful frames for them. I enjoyed my visit with them and think I may have found a home for the stored Japanese jacket that was a gift from my aunt years ago.

I had a few friends and fans stop at my table which was a big moral boost for me. Among those were a pair of my grandchildren and their mother who made the hour long drive down here to meet Jan Elliott. She is the cartoonist of Stone Soup, their favorite. They would have loved staying to chat with her but reluctantly settled for an autographed book apiece.

Of course, I blew my budget with my own wants and Christmas gifts but not as bad as sometimes. I was only about ten dollars in the hole by the time everything was balanced. It wasn't my restraint that was in control, I just didn't have enough time to get clear around the room.

Silvia and Frank are at www.

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