Another World, Entry for November 16, 2007

Once in awhile an opportunity comes up that allows us to enter a new door, another and higher place. Such an extraordinary occasion happened for me last night.

A small grouping of special events led me where I'd never been. The Northwest Review, the outstanding literary magazine of the University of Oregon, celebrated it's fiftieth anniversary. Very rare in this time and place. To do that, it held a wine and jazz reception in one of the University's most beautiful old buildings, Gerlinger Hall. Grace abounds there.

Preceding the reception, Oregon, and the world's author, Ursula K. Le Guin read from the first edition of Northwest Review, one of her own from the current edition and several from her newest collection of poems, "Incredible good fortune." An exceptional experience that moved my vision upward.

2007-11-16 18:19:53 GMT
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