Lonely Practice? Entry for November 05, 2007

Sunday and the promise of afternoon Sunshine. Too much to resist. As soon as the morning fog began to lift, we drove our grandson home, an hour north of us. He had visited yesterday to attend the ball game with his grandfather. We chatted with the family there for a few minutes and then decided the day was too perfect to waste.

Just right for a fall trip to the coast. We turned west and into the coastal mountain range. The scenery was breathtaking. The reds and oranges of the vine maples were mixed with the golds of the maples in front of the dark green of our fir forests, all of it under a bright blue sky.

We broke the drive at a nearly deserted rest area. From our car near the center, I was surprised by a lone bag piper on the far end. I wondered if the beauty surrounding him brought the need to play or if he sought a place to practice where he would have solitude.

There are certainly times I could use a wilderness setting to practice my reading aloud. It isn't something that is talked about often but it takes practice to make a reading interesting enough to sell a book. The words don't just need to be right on the page but also to the ear. During my first reading I discovered I needed more than practice. Stage fright reared it's ugly head and mispronounced words my children found amusing are not appropriate. I could use a lonely rest area, quite a distance from home, to try honing my presentations.

2007-11-05 16:06:35 GMT
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