COMBINING PATHS Entry for October 16, 2007

Once in while, the stars line up in a particular way or another force takes charge and the paths of our lives change. It's happening to me over the next few months.

I've known of Jane Kirkpatrick for several years, been introduced, read her books, been at book fairs with her and listened to her speak at a conference. In all those places we were each busy with our own agendas and didn't connect ezcept briefly.

Right now, our lives are moving closer. I am reading one of her historical novels, A Clearing in the Wild, for a reading group in Women Writing the West. Next month, she'll be speaking to the monthly gathering of Willamette Writers where I'll be a member of the audience. Then, I'll be working with a committee to bring her to Eugene in March for a brunch and presentation in celebration of Women's History Month sponsored by the American Association of University Women.

Our paths are getting closer together.

2007-10-16 18:44:04 GMT
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