Two Special Events--- Entry for September 07, 2007

Meet The Authors Event at Daneland Park. On September 12Th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, a group of authors will be talking about their books and some will be reading. Besides me , Tom Arnold, author of "Checkpoint Charlie," a Cold War Thriller ; Elbert DeMoss, author of "Sweet Oregon," the biography of an Oregon musical family; Dan Armstrong, author of the thrillers "Prairie Fire" and "Taming the Dragon;" Diane Bentley Baker, author of "Child of Light" the story of a time traveler on the ancient Silk Road; and Marva Dasef, author of "Tales of a Texas Boy," stories from Depression Era West Texas, Peter Jensen, author of "Secrets of the Sonnets" and Linda Kuhlmann, author of "Koenig's Wonder."

There's a bit of something for everyone's interest: historical, thriller, biography, memoirs, poetry, non-fiction, and fantsay.

Daneland Mobile Home Park is at 1199 North Terry St. in Eugene. We'll be in the clubhouse. The event is free and there will be cookies and punch. We hope to see you there.

On Sunday, Sept. 16 from 3:30 till 5:30, a group of local women writers will be at Books Without Borders, inside The Strand, on the corner of Broadway and Charnelton. We'll be reading and answering questions.

The authors presenting will be Sally Sheklow, who writes the "Living Out" column for the Eugene Weekly. Her writing opens the window onto the funny side of one everyday lesbian life.

Sandy Jensen- A poet and college writing instructor. Her most recent poetry book is "I Saw Us in a Painting."

Shirley Tallman-Her period mysteries feature a gutsy female heroine, a 19Th century lawyer who's latest Adventure, "The Cliff House Strangler," includes an aspect of the paranormal.

Jo-Brew-I'll be reading from my newest novel, "Marge, Back on Track."

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