A Weekend of Rewards

Saturday afternoon, I joined four other women authors at our newest local book store, Books Without Borders, for a reading and panel discussion. We were a diverse group with a mystery writer, a student of history, another contemporary novelist and a memorist with a sense of humor.

It was good to meet and share knowledge with the other authors and rewarding to feel like I'd done a good reading. Special highlights for me were the presence of a good friend, another woman I'd met through an organization we both belong to, and a woman who had been in a class I taught at the Oasis Senior Learning Center.

I enjoyed the latter's doggeral so much, I invited her to put a piece or two on my blog. How much fun is that?


Like a sock that can hold just so much foot

My brain capacity has limited input.

When too many facts and ideas come my way,

A kind of sloughing off comes into play.

(Similar to a slimy snake's shedding skin,

Though, unlike ours, his can be too thin.)

Then comes a new thought I'm unable to dig.

To fit it in, I'd have to re-rig

My mind, which I find is just so big.

5-07 Jean Marie Purcell

That event was followed by another reward. A link to a column I'd writen about Ashland, Oregon, my home town, appeared in our Alumni newsletter and several readers have made contact to comment. Some added special memories of their own to the list of those I've treasured and others bemoaned the same losses I've felt. Sometimes it's heartening to find you are not alone in thinking progress isn't always everything it's cracked up to be. There is a cost. Still, I can be grateful for what I had and glad the progress came after I'd moved on.


2007-07-17 05:32:29 GMT
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