A Case of Abuse

Thinking about the importance of place in our lives, this month I've written an essay, a blog and a column about Lithia Park in Ashland. Oregon . The park was a vital part of my younger life and is still one place from my past, I return to enjoy. I mentioned the statue of Abe Lincoln mounted on a hillside when I lived in the town and visited the park, sometimes daily. In those days, Abe was painted by pranksters on a regular basis. Irritating and costly but not threatening.

The last time I visited, not so long ago, Abe had been moved closer to the entrance and more visible from the police station. It was a suitable spot and didn't detract. The newspaper this morning carried the story of a fake bomb left by the statue that canceled a performance at the Shakespheare Theater. Sad for the theater goers, many who travel a great distance to see the plays, sad for the Shakespheare Festival that lost $25,ooo. and sad for the vandals that choose such threatening means to get attention. www.womenwritingthewest www.willamettewriters www.thecreswellchronicle http//jo-brew.blogspot

2007-07-05 14:58:40 GMT
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