The Two Weeks That Were--Entry for June 07, 2007

Anytime I try to sneak in a vacation, I can almost guarentee there will be revenge. We chose the week of Memorial Day weekend for our only planned time away of the summer.

Our thoughts were turned toward a visit to San Francisco and the northern California coast. Thinking I'd prepared well, I did not take work or equipment with me. We had a good and care free trip. Although we came back a day earlier than we'd allowed, I had a rude surprise.

The proofs for the new novel, Marge, Back on Track, had arrived the day after we left, weeks ahead of when I expected them. My contract with the publisher allows two weeks for me to make the corrections and one week was gone.

I had several obligations already so the pressure increased. Since one of my goals is to make my novels easier to follow and more enjoyable to hear, I concentrated on reading the manuscript out loud, paying attention to the way the story sounded. A much slower process than silent reading. I made the deadline with half a day to spare but everything else that could be put off--has been. Now it's catch up time. I even have a few apologies to make for projects belated. It's probably a good thing I don't have another vacation planned, I have a lot of backlog to take care of.


2007-06-08 03:41:00 GMT
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