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Although I receive several e mail newsletters with information and guidance for writers, my favorite is The Writing Life by Jessica P. Morrell. She is a well known Northwest writer, teacher and editor I've gone to for several workshops.

Her newsletter is always crammed full of helpful insights and encouragement but the newest, the one that arrived this week, contained the information that she was going to discontinue the section devoted to essays by contributing writers. No new contributions had come in so she surmised a lack of interest.

Since that is one of my farorite sections, I decided to put aside other projects to write a contribution. The next stumbling block was the suggested June topic, friends. After weeks and months of writing about the bonds between women friends, how important they are, how they form and stay vital, I thought I'd said everything about friends that I could possibly say.

When I sat down to try, I discovered I was wrong. I hadn't said thank you to the friends that have changed and enriched my life, who have given me the confidence to continue growing and accepting new challenges. To those who've understood and still like me when I've been distracted by a family crisis or writing deadline and to the friends who've put up with me when I've been overwhelmed by everything in my life.

I'll be spending the next few days looking for the right words, the perfect sentences to express my gratitude to the women in my cheering section. Including the generous advocate of writers who takes of her time and effort to share her knowledge and love of the written word with other authors.

2007-05-13 17:19:34 GMT
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