Call to the Garden

After a cold and wet spring, a few days of warm sunshine has the garden calling me. I want to put aside the unfinished inside chores and go play in the dirt. I know the chattering little birds hiding in my shrubs, even the on-guard crow, are adding their voices to the call.

It wouldn't take long, a couple of hours, to let the warmth of the sun, the working of the soil and the plant care, begin to nurture my soul. Let peace settle in.

The sad news on the television and in the newspaper, worry over my family, and community concerns could all be replaced by the wonder at the blooming iris, the delicate shades of the pale pink rhodendron, and the butter yellow of the day lily. For a little while, a healing time.

With the raw wounds of a hectic week in a hectic world scabbed over and my spirit renewed, I would be ready to tackle the ups and downs of life again. Until the next call.

2007-05-09 17:41:40 GMT
Jo-Brew is now a columnist for the Creswell Chronicle.

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