New Release Entry for October 21, 2008

"Anne Marie's New Melody," my latest novel has been released. It is the last in the series of three northwest women and the retirement choices they make.

Anne Marie, a teacher, musician, gourmet cook and a woman of the senses, is retiring to spend more time with Robert. She had been widowed once and doesn't want to miss another opportunity to enjoy companionship.

Without experiencing children of her own, she was unprepared to suddenly contemplate assuming a parental role for Robert's grandchildren. She barely knew them, they didn't fit with the life she had planned but she couldn't walk away.

It takes a Disneyland moment of self discovery for her to find a road to the life she wants.

2008-10-22 03:06:09 GMT
Jo-Brew is now a columnist for the Creswell Chronicle.

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