CORRODED PIPES Entry for October 11, 2008

Today I'm writing about a subject close to my heart, as an educator and as a resident of central Oregon. Lane Community College, a vital bridge in our community life, is being attacked by Father Time. The main campus building is forty years old and the downtown center is eighty. They have not been maintained or updated. The pipes are corroded, the electricity inadequate and heating system defunct.

Their needs include: increased disability access, upgraded fire and earthquake safety measures to meet current codes, updates for all science and technology labs, enlarged classrooms and more.

Bond Measure 20-142 will make those things and others possible with minimal additional expense. The cost is estimated at .25 cents per thousand of property value, approximately the same amount as the 1995 bond that will be retired in January.

There are very few of us in this area who have not benefited from Lane in some way. The appliance repair man that fixed my refrigerator trained there. The nurse who gave me my flu shot graduated from there. I took my Real Estate Appraisal courses there, many writing classes, and even updated my computer skills. My granddaughter will finish her course in X ray there. The list goes on and I am only one person

With more than forty vital programs, Lane Community provides services that help keep our community functioning. It offers and accessible and affordable route to higher education, helps our residents get better jobs. It helps small businesses succeed and provides skilled employees for local business and so much more.

Please join me in supporting Lane Community College--go clear down that long ballot to vote yes on Measure 20-142 to benefit all of us and all of our neighbors.

2008-10-11 20:37:07 GMT
Jo-Brew is now a columnist for the Creswell Chronicle.

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